Meeting Minutes – March 31, 2010

Present: Stacia Ford, Ryan Yarcia, Nikki Giannini, Sara Reznor, Dawn Wanner, Noel Koenke, , Julie Pompizzi, Andrea Okagawa, Chris Kazmierczak (chairperson)

Not Present: Kerrin Brown, Christina Moran, Holly Johnston

Review of Programs

  • Life After La Salle: Monday, February 16
    • Attendance: 20
  • Wine Tasting: Thursday, February 25
    • Attendance: 80
  • Happening Hour: Wednesday, March 3
    • Attendance: Approx. 120

Upcoming Programs

  • Happening Hour: Thursday, April 16
    1. Staffing needed
    2. Email Dawn Wanner and Noel Koenke about availability for that date
    3. Noel has arranged for student performers
  • Phillies: Friday, April 30
    1. Ticket Sales: Start Monday, April 19
    2. Cost is $5.00
    3. Tokens will be given to students for the subway or bus.

Graduation Gala

  • The Commencement Year Team is expected to support this program.
  • We will be taking tickets, wrist banding participants and managing the flow of guests.
  • If you cannot attend this event you must contact Chris Kazmierczak and let him know the reason for your unavailability.
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