Activities Funding Board


The Activities Funding Board has been established to assist the Division of Student Affairs in administering student organization accounts. The duties of the Board include reviewing budgets of all student organizations requesting or receiving institutional funding; hearing the funding requests of new student organizations; annually recommending and submitting budget appropriations for regularly funded organizations; hearing requests of student organizations desiring funds which exceed the annual budget allotment and providing financial assistance for new programs; arbitrating disputes related to student organization accounts, and recommending to appropriate University authorities modifications or additions to the way in which funds are secured for student organizations. The membership includes two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, two student affairs administrators, and eight students, (2 SGA representatives, 2 at-large representatives appointed by the Students’ Government Association, one of whom must be a commuter, one from IFSC, FOCUS, RSA and the Cultural Enrichment Team), and a faculty or staff member appointed by the Dean of Students (ex-officio and chair).



  1. Christopher Kazmierczak: Co-Chair
  2. Peter Lafferty: Co-Chair
  3. Morris Thomas
  4. Regina Gauss Kosiek


  1. Bro. Joseph Dougherty
  2. Donna Celano (2008-2010)


  1. Matt Levit
  2. Jerri-Ann Archer
  3. Trevor Mclaughlin
  4. Christine Atkins
  5. Andrew Weeks
  6. Justin Bourgeois
  7. Joe Meyrick
  8. Raffale Frulio

Meeting Minutes