Judicial Board


Student appointments to the board are made by the Students’ Government Association after consultation with the current board members providing thorough consideration of the need for board to reflect the diverse social and cultural lives of our community. Faculty appointments are made by the Faculty Senate in accordance with procedures for committee appointments. The Judicial Board is composed of twenty-four members: six faculty members and eighteen students. A panel for any given hearing will be drawn from the available members of the Judicial Board. Five members are needed to conduct a hearing. Panel members will be assigned on a rotating basis by the Associate Dean of Students or a designee. One student will be selected as chair for each hearing, and one member shall be the recorder.



  1. Alan B. Wendell, Advisor


  1. Stefan Samulewicz (2006-2009)
  2. Vincent Kling (2006-2009)
  3. Swee-Lim Chia (2007-2010)
  4. Brian Narendorf (2008-2011)
  5. Judith Musser (2008-2011)
  6. Phyllis Betz (2008-2011)


  1. Mario Allegretto, Chair
  2. Christopher Materia, Chair
  3. Michael Zdrazinski, Chair
  4. Amanda Dalton, Chair
  5. Sharmyra Bryant
  6. Andrea Dimaio
  7. Katherine Drapcho
  8. Andrew Hibschman
  9. Chistopher High
  10. William Hunt
  11. Sean Hutchinson
  12. Landon Keating
  13. Ashley Orourke
  14. Nick Slabinski
  15. Jesse Suren
  16. James Tobin
  17. Alernates: (Unavailable Fall 2008) Calvin Johnson, Maria Muscara