Student Media Committee


The Student Media Committee was established to create and maintain an environment at La Salle in which high quality student newspaper, radio station, and other media forms, including electronic, will most effectively benefit the entire University community. The committee will formulate general policies as needed for The Collegian, WEXP, etc., and advise the Dean of Students on related matters. (See the Student Guide to Resources, Rights, and Responsiblities for a complete description. )



  1. Anna Melnyk Allen (Chair)


  1. Evelyn Klein (2006-2009)
  2. Steve Smith (2007-2010)
  3. Huntly Collins (2008-2011)


  1. Sam Fran Scavuzzo

WEXP Manager

  1. Michael A. Viso

Channel 56 Producer

  1. Tonya Ellis

WEXP General Manager

  1. Cory Anatado

WEXP Advisor

  1. Dawn Fraser

Collegian Advisor

  1. Robert Obrien


At Large

  1. Jessica Wallace
  2. Kathryn Feld


  1. Liz Wagner


  1. Chris Corona

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2008

Summary of Meeting Minutes PRESENT:  Tonya Ellis, Dawn Wanner, Cory Anotado, Anna Allen, Robert O’Brien, Kathryn Feld, Jessica Wallace, Steven Smith, Evelyn Klein ABSENT/EXCUSED:  Hutly Collins, Sam Scavuzzo The minutes from the September meeting of the committee were approved. They … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2008

Summary of Meeting Minutes PRESENT: Kathryn Feld, Kerri Slavin, Sam Fran Scavuzzo, Huntly Collins, Dawn Wanner, Evelyn Klein, Anna Allen Reviewed and finalized renaming Student Press Committee to Student Media Committee. Proposal will be sent to the Student Affairs Committee … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2008

Summary of Activity for Student Press Committee Spring Semester 2008 Meetings held on: December 3, 2007; February 20, 2008; March 20, 2008 Present: Anna Allen (chair), Dr. Evelyn Klein, Dr. Steven Smith, Dr. Ginger Modla, Dawn Wanner, Tonya Ellis, Dawn … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2008

MinutesPresent: Anna Allen (chair), Dawn Wanner, Tonya Ellis, Steve Smith, Evelyn Klein 1. The Spring Semester minutes were reviewed and accepted by those present. 2. Committee members provided updates about the outreach to other student media groups on campus. Dawn … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 30, 2007

Minutes Present: Jeff Landis, Robert O’Brien, Evelyn Klein, Dawn Wanner, Anna Allen, Dr. Joseph Cicala (guest) Dr. Cicala joined this meeting of the Student Press Committee and is hoping to attend the alternative meeting date as well, in order to hear … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 15, 2007

Meeting Minutes Present:  Anna Melnyk Allen, Tonya Ellis, Kyle Carter, Chris Dougherty Absent:  Michael Viso, Ginger Modla Excused (but expected at next session):  Evelyn Klein, Jeff Landis, Robert O’Brien, Dawn Wanner The meeting was largely organizational in nature.  Ms. Allen … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 5, 2006

Members of the SPC were encouraged to quickly provide Spring 2007 Semester schedules to the Chair, so that meetings could begin promptly for the Spring semester. It was noted which student media groups are apparently inactive, and this will be … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2006

The Student Press Committee updated the electronic group so that all members could access the information contained therein. Some members took on the task of reviewing all listed student media groups to assess activity and representation within the Committee. Student … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2006

The Student Press Committee discussed the charge from the Dean of Students to reorganize the group and to refashion the structure, mission, and procedures of the group, to more closely parallel other advisory committees to the Dean. Additionally, the group … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2004

We again discussed the need for the editor-in-chief and advisor to the Collegian to schedule a meeting with Dr. Cicala, Dean of Students to discuss a proposal for web edition of the Collegian. Tom stated that this meeting should occur … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – March 16, 2004

We discussed the possibility of a web edition of the Collegian. Tom Namako and Dwayne Swierczynski intend to meet with Dr. Cicala to present their proposal for a web edition. The staff have several ideas and are preparing to bring … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2004

We completed discussion about defining “lewd, indecent, immoral or obscene” conduct. After reviewing and referencing legal definitions, with particular emphasis on media, we decided that it is in the University’s best interests to continue situational interpretation of these terms. We … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 4, 2003

We welcomed Duane Swierczynski to his newly appointed position as Collegian advisor, and as such, also to the Student Press Committee. We then discussed criteria for post-publication review of the November 6, 2003 edition of the paper. The review will … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2003

We learned of the progress of Collegian advisor selection (our committee and the Dean of Students have made a recommendation to the Provost) and made plans to request input from the new advisor regarding a process for Collegian post-publication review, … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2003

We heard concerns about off-campus subscription sales of The Collegian, and were reassured that previous orders were fulfilled and current requests were being processed. Other discussion items included making the Student Press Committee minuts public more quickly. Plans for a … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2003

This meeting was called at the request of the Dean of Students, with the particular task of conducting a post-publication review of the September 3 issue of The Collegian. At the start of the meeting, congratulations by Brother Emery Mollenhauer … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2003

In addition to reviewing the membership and by-laws for our committee, we discussed recent Collegian advertisements that may have raised concerns about the staff’s and University’s liability. Some investigation has revealed the University can be held libel for material contained … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – February 1, 2003

We have been evaluating policies and procedures for The Collegian and WEXP, especially in light of new technologies being utilized by both organizations. Particular emphasis has been placed upon FCC and regulations about advertising on the web for WEXP. … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2002

Student Press Committee continues to meet on a regular basis, and has scheduled meetings for the remainder of the semester. The Committee is currently reviewing membership and charge statements in order to forward recommendations to the Student Affairs Committee for … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2002

Dr. John Beatty was elected chair, Anna Allen was elected vice-chair, and Danielle Landwher was elected Secretary. The meeting was organizational in nature and members began reviewing the committee’s charge for the year. Between this first meeting and the second, … Continue reading