Athletic Committee


The Athletics Committee (AC) advises the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation (DIAR), and the President as the AC deems timely and proper on current and proposed policies and practices relating to the intercollegiate and recreational sports programs. The AC meets regularly with and informs the DIAR on all matters which deserve his/her attention, or to consider issues on which he/she seeks advice. The AC will also meet at the beginning of each academic year with the University President to discuss plans for the upcoming year. The AC may also meet periodically with coaches, athletics administrators, and student/athletes to review their experiences in an effort to promote the enhancement of the University?s intercollegiate and recreational sports programs. The AC will receive the Annual report from the DIAR and Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). AC members are expected to communicate routinely with and serve as a liaison between their respective groups and the AC and the DIAR.

DSA Representative

  • Tim Erb