Council of Deans


The Provost regularly meets with the three Academic Deans, the Dean of Students, and the Director of Continuing Studies to plan and review issues and initiatives related to academic and student life, services, and programs. They are joined, as well, by the Associate Provost, the Assistant Provost, and the Vice President for Enrollment Services.

DSA Representative

  • Dr. James Moore

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – February 2, 2005

We reviewed and approved a preliminary proposal for a pilot graduate student housing project, received updates on instructional support programs and the development of our Hispanic Institute project, and discussed Fr. Richard Malloy’s article “The Truly Catholic University,” which appeared … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – January 25, 2005

We met with the members of three sub-committees of the University’s Middle States self-study committee, to respond to questions that will assist them in preparing their reports on institutional outcomes, assessment, and integrity. We also reviewed, discussed, and suggested revisions … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 16, 2004

We discussed the purposes of and eligibility for registration in intersession courses; guidelines for 2005-2006 budget paperwork preparation; and matters associated with the various ceremonies for student academic awards. A small group will be convened to discuss that last item … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 2, 2004

We received updates regarding the project to improve course evaluations; the 05-06 budget preparation project, in preparation for next week’s meeting of the President’s Cabinet; ongoing work in regard to Bucks Center staffing; the assessment of Career Services that is … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2004

We met to review information relevant to proposals for new funding requests for 2005-2006.

Meeting Minutes – November 11, 2004

We received reports and updates about Conference and Guest Services, the Freshman Advising Program, and Enrollment Services’ “Each One, Reach One” program of faculty contacts with prospective students. The proposal for a University Calendar Committee was distributed for review and … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – September 23, 2004

We discussed with Human Resources’ Paul Roden the University’s emerging training agenda. We identified priorities for moving forward with an agenda for academic technology and for forthcoming reconsideration of our and the University’s approaches to budget requests and construction.

Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2004

We received an update on academic technology, discussed tracking adjunct expenses for 04-05, learned of and helped the Provost continue to develop plans for work groups to further study instructional space usage, service learning, and our Catholic Studies program. Updates … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – May 6, 2004

We discussed alternatives for identifying students in academic difficulty and reviewed the year’s challenges and achievements.

Meeting Minutes – April 21, 2004

We received and discussed progress reports from representatives of our International Education Team and our Middle States Self-Study Team, as well as an update from University Advancement.

Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2004

We reviewed and discussed a preliminary proposal for a new MA in Student Development in Higher Education, received a progress report on the freshman advising initiative, agreed that the next step in review of the class scheduling report data will … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – January 15, 2004

We reviewed the recommendations of the Advising Task Force and agreed upon the next steps in regard to those recommendations. We reviewed an Enrollment Services report on attrition and discussed the issue of FYO sections that have been scheduled during … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 18, 2003

We discussed current and potential issues regarding and structures for learning support services and service learning. We were apprised of upcoming dates, deadlines, and so forth for ongoing 2004-2005 budget development and for mid-year reports, of progress being made on … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2003

We received updates regarding current and future study abroad programs from Mr. Ricci, Dr. Nigro, and Dr. Cicala; discussed the current state of the emerging 2004-2005 University budget, in preparation for the December 4 President’s Cabinet meeting; and discussed end-of-semester … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2003

Dr. Cicala did not participate in this meeting, due to his travel to visit our study abroad program in Ireland.

Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2003

We continued and concluded our discussion of special interest housing, with the understanding that the Division of Student Affairs will continue to explore and refine the special interest housing options already available and will, through the Community Development Advisory Board, … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2003

We continued our discussion of expanding our current theme housing options and will resume discussion, with additional information from both Enrollment Services and Student Affairs, at our next meeting. We continued, as well, our consideration of the most recent retention/attrition … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2003

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with the potential for introducing more theme/interest-related housing options into our student residences, an agenda item that will be studied by Enrollment Services and Student … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2003

We met today with the chairs of the Content Team for the Campus Pipeline “portals” project; reviewed the classroom usage and capacity reports developed by Information Technology; discussed Fall, 2003 enrollment projections; approved Summer, 2003 Day ONE dates; and learned … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2002

We discussed a proposal for the creation of a consortium for the development and management of study abroad programs among the U.S. Lasallian colleges and universities, a proposal for revised academic censure policies, and plans for expanded use of web-based … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – November 7, 2002

We discussed the progress of the Adult Learning Task Force and the future of the Bucks County Center, moved forward with our discussion of budget preparations, reviewed and requested further refinement of the study of summer conference revenues, reviewed housing … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2002

At our first two meetings this year, we have discussed, collaborated on, or reviewed progress regarding the following topics and projects: the new Budget Viewer software, the new web site for the Provost’s Office, our meningitis vaccination program, the timeline … Continue reading