Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee is charged with a continuing review of the general and specialized education provided by the University?s curriculum. The Committee is essentially concerned with the integrity of the curriculum in terms of the University?s philosophy and objectives. It is responsible for the curriculum as a whole and for individual departmental curriculum proposals. Part of the responsibility includes reviewing and making recommendations on new course proposals. The Committee is also concerned with any major rearrangements of the academic year which affect the basic pattern of the curriculum.

DSA Representative

  • Dr. James Moore

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – April 23, 2004

We reviewed and approved proposals for substantive revision of the BUSCA program and two new courses for the program, one introductory and one capstone.

Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2004

We reviewed and approved proposals to revise two elements of the American Studies Program, adjusting the level of one course and adjusting the requirements for the major to include a concentration from one of the core liberal arts disciplines that … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2004

Dr. Cicala was unable to participate in this meeting. Discussion centered on the work of our subcommittee, the members of which presented for discussion and review a format and guidelines for new course proposals.

Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2004

We reviewed course proposals for two new courses in the School of Business Administration and reviewed syllabi for four mathematics and computer science courses in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2003

We considered and approved a number of new courses and course detail changes in the Digital Arts (DART) program and approved a change in the destination and syllabus for one of our travel study courses.

Meeting Minutes – December 1, 2003

We discussed the charge, composition, goals, and responsibilities of our committee in a wide-ranging discussion.

Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2003

Dr. Cicala did not participate in this meeting, due to his travel to visit our study abroad program in Ireland, but the committee considered and approved a Core Curriculum course substitution request from the School of Business Administration; a proposed … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 14, 2003

We considered, but deferred approval of, several new courses in mathematics and computer science. We considered and approved proposals to add lab components to several mathematics and computer science courses; to revise mathematics requirements in three computer science/information technology programs; … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2003

Dr. Cicala was away from campus and was, therefore, unable to participate in today’s meeting. The agenda was to include the review of several new or revised syllabi and the annual Core Curriculum Report.

Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2003

Discussion centered on the proposal for a new School of Nursing Course, Spirituality in Nursing and Health Care, which was approved.

Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2003

Discussion centered on the proposal for a Minor in Leadership and Global Understanding, which was approved.

Meeting Minutes – January 28, 2003

The proposal for a Minor in Leadership and Global Understanding was presented by its sponsors, Professors Vogel and Allen. Questions were raised and answered and suggestions were made. Prior to our next meeting, the Provost will collect and circulate memoranda … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2002

Following the approval of three adjusted English curricula, today’s meeting centered on extended discussion of Richard Light’s book, Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds, and potential applications of the findings for our students and our work with … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2002

At our first two meetings this year, we began shaping our agenda for the year. In addition to reviewing curricular addition or revision proposals that will be forthcoming, we anticipate continued discussion of the Core Curriculum and its impacts/ effectiveness … Continue reading