Project on Justice in Society


  • To raise consciousness about local, national, and global social justice concerns.
  • To address these issues within the University community through seminars, forums, lectures and events.
  • To provide resources for groups within the University community to address these issues.
  • To initiate and cooperate with an action plan to respond to the expressed need within a particular issue when appropriate.
  • To serve as catalyst for groups within the University and assisting them to assume the leadership in responding to given issue in a particular fashion.


  • Hayley Boyle
  • Erin Carroll
  • Jordan Copeland
  • Andrea Di Maio
  • Chip Gallagher
  • Louise Giugliano (Chair)
  • Sean Hutchinson
  • Lisa Jarvinen
  • Morgan Kamerdze
  • Br. Bob Kinzler
  • Matt Levit
  • Mike Nielsen
  • Royer Smith

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2009

Members Present:  Erin Carroll, Jordan Copeland, Chip Gallagher, Louise Giugliano, Lisa Jarvinen, Morgan Kamerdze, Br. Bob Kinzler, Matt Levit, Mike Nielsen,  Royer Smith Welcome to New Members:  Erin Carroll, Andrea Di Maio and Morgan Kamerdze. AGENDA: Think outside the box. … Continue reading