Strategic Planning Task Force


The task force, on which our division is represented by the Assistant Dean of Students, has been charged by the President with the development and implementation of plans to involve the University community in planning to fulfill the vision for the University’s future articulated by the President in Spring, 2001.

DSA Represenative

  • Dr. James Moore

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2003

From its inception in late November 2001, the Strategic Planning Task Force was charged to seek information and ideas from this Lasallian community to inform and support five strategic areas of emphasis that Brother Michael had identified. Over the course … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2002

After several phases of information gathering and providing opportunities for discussion, SPTF is in one of its final stages of informing the President about the work of the University in fulfilling his request for an articulated strategic plan that will … Continue reading