Cheat Sheets for Honest Folk

Courtesy of Custom Guide Online Learning. Microsoft Quick Reference Guides For members of the Division of Student Affairs, you may also find these saved on the network (H:\DSA\COMMON\Resources\Quick Guides). Download, print, view on your computer, or pull up on your tablet or smartphone in all sorts of settings for a quick reference to various Microsoft […]

Email Signatures – Please!

Want to fancify your emails while letting people know who you are and how to get a hold of you? Or do you prefer to just type “Jack” or “Jill”? If you fall into the later, come to my my office so my bobble head Explorer can shake his head at you in disgrace. Not […]

Reservation System – Rooms, Vans and Bears, Oh My!

Reservation System – Rooms & Vans Screenshots in progress, so hold your horses (or bears). First, you will need to sign onto the portal and click the campus life link. Once that page loads you will need to click the link titled “Space Reservation System” under the “Events” window box. After, you will need to […]

Excel at Sorting & Filtering in Excel

Excel Sorting & Filtering A bit older (vintage, even), but still applicable to all versions of Excel. Review the tutorial from Drew University below. This can help if you have created a large file or are share a file (i.e a team or student group roster/sign up sheet, list of camelids and locations, etc).

Getting Help from the Helpdesk is Helpful

Getting IT Assistance Online Follow the steps below in order to get help from IT. If you don’t, they’ll know. They always know. Click on the images for a larger view, unless you happen to have super vision. If you need help accessing the portal, logging into your office computer or a lab, got a virus (Computer only. See your primary […]