Email Signatures – Please!

Want to fancify your emails while letting people know who you are and how to get a hold of you? Or do you prefer to just type “Jack” or “Jill”? If you fall into the later, come to my my office so my bobble head Explorer can shake his head at you in disgrace. Not having an appropriate e-mail signature is like calling someone without introducing yourself. You might say, “Well, don’t they have caller ID”? Bad form Jack. Come on Jill, tell me who you are when you call. Same applies to e-mail signatures. Just because we have the senders e-mail doesn’t mean we know who they are, what their name and/or title is or how to get a hold of them on the phone. Below are some tips from an expert regarding how to be successful in creating a helpful e-mail signature. If you’ve read this far, Kudos. Make sure to read through all three articles. Very useful tib bits.

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