Getting Help from the Helpdesk is Helpful

Getting IT Assistance Online

Follow the steps below in order to get help from IT. If you don’t, they’ll know. They always knowClick on the images for a larger view, unless you happen to have super vision. If you need help accessing the portal, logging into your office computer or a lab, got a virus (Computer only. See your primary care physician for all others), need your pin for class registration, etc. contact the IT Helpdesk.

  1. Open the mylaslle portal (you know, log in, yadda yadda).portallogin.fw
  2. Look for the “Tools” drop down. Don’t click “Blackboard”, nor “Br. Luwis”, nor “Email”, nor “Facilities”, nor “GradesFirst”, nor “IncidentReport”, nor “SkyDrive”. I mean, you can. Enjoy. But if you need IT help, click “Helpdesk”.housing1.fw

The remainder is under construction. Be patient. What would a llama do? Strike that. Don’t do that. In the meantime, you can call 215-951-1860.

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