How to Find On-Campus Rosters or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Administrative Services

Accessing Rosters

Please follow the following steps that will step you through accessing all accessible reports reporting on assigned room assignments. Click on the images for a larger view, unless you happen to have super vision.

  1. Open the mylaslle portal, but not your mailbox, nor proceed to the big white house or the forest as it may prevent you from having the time to proceed with the remaining steps, and your boss may not be too happy.portallogin.fw
  2. Look for the “Tools” drop down. It is in the top right hand corner next to your name. Don’t look for “Michael Nielsen” as that is probably not your name. If it is, stop stealing my name!housing1.fw
  3. Click on Blackboard. That’s it. Don’t proceed to “Go” or Br. Luwis for that matter.housing2.fw
  4. When in Blackboard, don’t do as the Romans do. Instead, click on “DSA Support” under “My Courses”. If you do not see “DSA Support” listed, you not yet be added as a user. Please contact your committee chair to request that you be added, or fill out the Request ¬†Help form.housing3.fw
  5. Once in the “DSA Supoprt” course, click on the “Housing Operations Group”. If you don’t see the “Fun Committee” listed, don’t feel left out. I’m sure someone thinks you are fun.housing4.fw
  6. To finally get to the rosters (that’s why you’re here right? Or are you just trying to look busy? For shame.), click “File Exchange”.housing5.fw
  7. Click on the roster or other file you need (sorry, no listing of Chinese fortune cookie sayings available at this time). The “Housing Roster” would be the most typically used (it can be sorted & manipulated based on your needs). You may also find other phone rosters or the “Restricted Access” list in this directory.housing7.fw

Additional Notes

  • You may find additional links or info on the group’s homepage itself, but it is not nearly as fun as our website.housing6.fw
  • If you get lost, ask for directions. La Salle security is very helpful. Or, for another way to get to the “File Exchange”, try the links on the left.housing8.fw
  • Weeble Wobbles don’t fall down. So don’t ever give up. Be a Weeble Wobble.[youtube][/youtube]

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