Logos & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Never fear, logos are here. If there is an official logo that you need that you do not see listed below (or in a format that you need), please contact us. Also listed are various other logos and graphics resources to help you with various projects. This will be an evolving/on-going work in progress, so therefore by no means comprehensive.

La Salle Logos | Other Graphics | Tools

La Salle University Logos & Guidelines

Please follow the following guidelines to avoid sneers, jeers and other rough housing.

Microsoft Office (PNG)


Vector (EPS) File Format

Worry Free (aka, Copyright Compliant) Graphic Resources

Below are some resources that hopefully will help keep you far from the debate over Copyright and Fair Use. These links to external sites does not imply endorsement or official University affiliation. You may encounter material that is not compliant with University guidelines or standards, therefore, make sure to evaluate and double check any given resource before using it for your project  (i.e. Use at your own risk). before downloading and using, make sure to note if you can freely use the image, have to provide an attribution or link back to the source, etc. Let us know if you have a resource to add.


Vector (ie for Illustrator)

Tools for Success

Tools for this, tools for that. Tools for the creative at heart. Design your own color schemes, themes & graphics, etc (we’re not responsible for any scheming on your part, unless you find a cure for cancer, promote peace or otherwise make the world a better place. Then we want a piece of that pie).

  • Adobe Kuler (Color wheel. Has an image matching feature.)
  • Color Scheme Designer
  • What the Font (Ever wondered what cool font that was? Use this tool to find out.)
  • Google Image Search (Type, or drag and drop an image into the search bar. Not sure if an image belongs to someone else, use this to help you find the original artist/copyright holder, then check to see if they will give you permission to use that cool image you found online.  You may be pleasantly surprised.)
  • Pixlr Photo Tools (Don’t have Photoshop? Never fear! Try Pixlr’s suite of online tools. They also have mobile apps.)
  • Thumba (Online image/photo editor).
  • Gimp (A solid photo edit solution if free sounds better than paying for Adobe products.)
  • Reflection Maker (Quick online trick.)
  • Colour Lovers (Themes, Palettes, Patterns, etc)

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