Reservation System – Rooms, Vans and Bears, Oh My!

Reservation System – Rooms & Vans

Screenshots in progress, so hold your horses (or bears).

First, you will need to sign onto the portal and click the campus life link. Once that page loads you will need to click the link titled “Space Reservation System” under the “Events” window box. After, you will need to mouse over the “My Account” tab at the top of the page. You will see the options “Returning Users & New Users”. If you do not already have an account for this, please click “New Users” and fill out the form to create your account.

Once logged on you will see a tab that reads “**Click Here: Reservations**”, mouse over that and click the “Students” tab or the “Faculty” tab. Please read all of the “Important Notes” before beginning to look for spaces and times to book them. (*Be advised that all reservation inquiry’s need to be made 72 Business hours in advance (Monday-Friday) otherwise your request will not be processed and we may not be able to provide a space or services for your event*)

Next you will select a date that you would like to reserve a space: Fill out the Date, Start Time/End Time, Facility(Building) and estimated average attendance expected. When choosing a ‘facility’, be sure to select “Union”. To reserve a space for multiple days, click on the “Recurrence” tab  next to ‘date’ and select what days of the week and how many times your event will be reoccurring. To do this, pick a start date and an end date and multiply the amount of times per week you will be meeting by the amount of weeks leading up to your ending date. After this, click the “Apply Recurrence” button. Once that dialogue box is closed click the blue “Find Space” button.

A list will appear with all of the rooms available in the Union. Click the green plus sign next to the preferred space you would like to hold your event. If you notice under that “Available” column that the number on the left of the “/” (backslash) does not match up with the number on the Right side of the “/” (backslash) then select other rooms that would be suitable alternative spaces to use since your preferred room isn’t available for the entire duration of your reservation. Next, click the yellow “continue” button to move forward.

Finally, fill out all of your events details in the text boxes on the following form and click the yellow “Submit” button. Lastly, read the instructions that will appear in the small pop-up box and remember to email [sf_email][/sf_email] if you have any furniture or audio visual needs you would like to request. This must be done within the same 72 Business hour timeframe.

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